Portugal has one of the sunniest capitals in Europe. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches and landscapes in the world, it is the ideal place for sports lovers. The great weather, safety and world-renowned gastronomy attract a large number of tourists.

Known for its high quality lifestyle, wellbeing and low levels of pollution, Portugal has become more and more attractive to foreigners, including families and seniors.

Voted the best touristic destination for 3 consecutive years, Portugal won 26 prizes in the latest World Travel Awards european edition.


Portugal is strategically located geographically, with flights connecting it to most major cities in the world. Its political stability, tax benefits, world renowned universities and low crime rate make it a very attractive country to invest in, always at the top of the rankings for ease of doing business.

This recognition includes the real estate market, which showed great resilience during the pandemic with growth opportunities on the rise.

Avenida Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco
Torre 1, Piso 6, Salas 5 e 6
1070-101 Lisboa
T. 21 801 92 49 Chamada para a rede fixa nacional

By: Panhard

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