What are cookies?

Websites, applications and digital platforms may use cookies or similar technologies to improve your browsing experience. Cookies constitute information stored on your personal equipment about the websites you visit. Sometimes they are stored in a plain text file, accessed by a server that reads and records the information.

Sites can only read and write cookies held by them.

Our use of cookies

When you browse our website, we use cookies to «recognise» your browser, only during your visit («session cookie») or during all your visits («permanent cookie»).

On our website, cookies are used for the following purposes:

- For technical reasons (identifying sessions, maintaining settings or shopping carts, etc.) to, for example, adapt the presentation of the website, application or digital platform to your device;

- For statistical analysis and online traffic management purposes, for example, to improve the usability of a website, application and digital platform and the relevance of our services;

- To redefine the target audience and provide you with marketing content on other websites;

- For geo-location purposes when using specific functions, such as recommendations for store addresses and products available at the nearest point of sale.

Third-party cookies

If authorized in your cookie settings (see cookie settings section below), third parties (advertising agencies, Panarcole internet analytics, etc.) will set/read cookies when you browse our website, digital applications.

The use of these cookies is governed by the privacy policies.

These cookies are used by these Panarcole, during the lifetime of the cookies, to determine and distribute relevant advertising content, reflecting your main interests based on knowledge of your browsing habits on our website, applications and digital platforms.

Social networks

To allow you to share content or comments about our products and/or services, our website may include social media components (buttons, plug-ins, etc.).

These components are used by social networks to record your browsing habits and will only work if your browser is connected to the social network in question (but you don't have to have used the "share" button, for example).

The social networks that you use determine the terms that govern your use of the information they obtain, and PANARCOLE has no control over the use of this information. We recommend that you consult their privacy policies, which will specify how they use this data and the actions you can take to increase account confidentiality.

shared devices

As cookies are linked to the device and browser used, it is not possible to determine the identity of the device user. Therefore, some services and advertising offered on this device may not correspond to your usage (the settings/browsing habits of other device users may influence the content offered).

You can choose the level of confidentiality of your device by deciding who can use it (people authorized to access the device) and by changing your settings (in particular, cookie settings).

Cookie settings

You can change your cookie settings at any time and there are several options available as described below.

The settings you choose may affect your browsing experience and the operation of some services that require the use of cookies. In this sense, we reject any responsibility for the consequences arising from the limited operation of our services, caused by the deactivation of cookies on your device (inability to set or read a cookie).

Computers (PC)

You can manage cookies through various options in your browser settings, to allow or block cookies, in general or for specific actions, at any time. Cookies are managed differently in each browser.

Visit your browser's link to learn more:

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox



For all other devices (smartphones, tablets, smart devices), see the help menu in your browser.

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