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Our Team

career path:

With a degree in Management from Universidade Portucalense, he began his professional career in banking, joining ActivoBank and later BNP Paribas as a commercial consultant. During his banking experience, he completed a Master's Degree in Management, taking on challenges as Key Account Manager at Prestibel, a security and surveillance company, where he managed commercial relations with large national companies for 4.5 years as a contract manager in the commercial department.

In 2017, he accepted the invitation to join Resolute Asset Management in Portugal, taking on the roles of sales manager, asset management and commercial asset valuation, working with international funds such as Anacap.


Vitor Rocha

In 2020, he joined Hipoges, the largest Iberian servicer, as Real Estate Advisor, managing several portfolios in Portugal with a value of more than 50 million euros.

He coordinates and manages the sales of RE & NPL portfolios, develops value-add strategies, evaluates assets and conducts market research for international funds such as Amitra Capital, 400 Capital and Tilden Park Capital.